CS3317: Artificial Intelligence

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Fall 2022

Teaching Staff

name email office hour
Instructor Shuai Li shuaili8@sjtu.edu.cn Mon 2-3 PM
Rm 1406-2, Software College
Assistant Instructor Panpan Cai cai_panpan@sjtu.edu.cn Mon 3-4 PM
Chief TA Zhihui Xie fffffarmer@sjtu.edu.cn Wed 7-9 PM
TA Fang Kong fangkong@sjtu.edu.cn Thu 7-9 PM
Xu Liu liu_skywalker@sjtu.edu.cn Tue 7-9 PM
Rm 1119, Software College


Course Information

Lecture times

Grading Your grade will be determined by assignments (40%), a project (25%), a final exam (30%) and participance (5%).



week date topic materials
1Sep 151 Introductionpdf
2Sep 222 Searchpdf
3Sep 293 Constraint Satisfaction Problemspdf demo
4Oct 9
5Oct 134 Boolean Satisfiability Problempdf (updated on Oct 19) demo
6Oct 205 Adversarial Searchpdf (updated on Oct 19)
7Oct 276 Markov Decision Processespdf
8Nov 3
9Nov 107 Reinforcement Learningpdf
10Nov 178 Multi-armed Banditspdf
11Nov 24
12Dec 19 Bayes Nets: Probabilistic Modelspdf
13Dec 810 Bayes Nets: Inferencepdf (updated on Dec 8)
14Dec 15
15Dec 22Advanced Topics & Final Reviewpdf
16Dec 29Presentations