CS445: Combinatorics

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Fall 2021

Teaching Staff

name email office hour
Instructor Shuai Li shuaili8@sjtu.edu.cn Mon 7-9 PM
Rm 1406-2, Software College
TA Fang Kong fangkong@sjtu.edu.cn Thu 7-9 PM
Rm 1119, Software College
TA Ruofeng Yang wanshuiyin@sjtu.edu.cn Tue 7-9 PM
Activity Room of No.30 Dormitory Building, West District


Course Information

Lecture times

Grading Your grade will be determined from a final exam (30%), a midterm exam (15%), projects (15%), assignments (35%) and participance (5%).



week date topic materials
1Sep 131 Introduction and basicspdf
Sep 162 Girth, connectivity and bipartite graphspdf
Sep 18
2Mid-Autumn Festival
Sep 233 Treespdf
3Sep 27
Sep 304 Circuitspdf
4National Day Holiday
Oct 95 Matchingspdf
5Oct 11Gale-Shapley.gif
Oct 14
6Oct 18
Oct 216 Connectivitypdf
7Oct 25
Oct 287 Coloringpdf (updated on Nov 28)
8Nov 1Midterm Reviewpdf
Nov 4Midterm Exam
9Nov 8
10Nov 15
11Nov 228 Planaritypdf (updated on Dec 5)
12Nov 29
13Dec 69 Ramsey Theorypdf
14Dec 13Final Exam Reviewpdf
15Dec 20Guest Lecture: Prof. Biaoshuai Tao
16Dec 27Final Exam