CS445: Combinatorics

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Fall 2020

Teaching Staff

name email office hour
Instructor Shuai Li shuaili8@sjtu.edu.cn Mon 10-11:30
Rm 1406-2, Software College
TA Yueran Yang yangyr99@sjtu.edu.cn Friday 13:00-15:00
EE 1-406


Course Information

Lecture times

Grading Your grade will be determined from a final exam (30%), a midterm exam (20%), a project (10%), assignments (35%) and participance (5%).

Textbook and References


week date topic materials
1Sep 71 Introduction and basicspdf
Sep 102 Girth, Connectivity, Bipartite graphspdf
2Sep 143 Treespdf
Sep 17
3Sep 214 Circuitspdf
Sep 24
4Sep 28
5Oct 105 Matchingpdf
6Oct 12Gale-Shapley.gif
Oct 15
7Oct 196 Coloringpdf
Oct 22
8Oct 26Midterm Reviewpdf
Oct 29Midterm Exam
9Nov 2
10Nov 97 Planaritypdf
11Nov 168 Ramsey Theorypdf
12Nov 23
13Nov 309 Connectivity Revisitedpdf
14Dec 7pdf
15Dec 14final review
16Dec 21Final Exam